It has been just over a year now, since Emma joined the FKE team, and I now can't imagine it without her!  Coming from an interior design background, Emma's artistic ability continues to amaze me, and her passion for weddings shines through in everything that she does.  So, I figured it was about time that she shared some of her ideas with all of you: enter "Emma's Corner".  A weekly blog feature where she shares design ideas, inspiration and tips.  Make sure to check back every Wednesday for a new entry, and without further adieu, I bring you the first entry:

Here at FKE we adore the idea of creating totally unique weddings for our couples. As the weather gets chillier it’s had me thinking, what’s more unique than a winter wedding? There’s something so magical and palpable about a winter palette; we can hear the crunch of the snow beneath the Bride’s feet as she walks down the aisle, the warmth of a fur shrug around her shoulders, and the simple joy of wrapping your hands around a cup of cider surrounded by friends and family. These events are such a great opportunity to incorporate unique elements like hot drink stations and make your own s’mores bars, complete with a rented furniture lounge to get cozy in. I love the idea of using a pared down color palette to reflect a winter landscape. Sounds boring right? Wrong! Using texture and lighting is just as (if not more) important to creating focal points in your overall wedding design. A lace wedding dress, a feathered bouquet, a crackling fire and a candlelit table scape constructed of winter vegetation are all incredible ways to achieve this. And trust me, your photos will be stunning.

Check out this week’s inspiration board to warm up to the idea of a winter wedding. Make sure to leave a comment of your own winter wedding experiences, I’d love to hear from you!