Color can be an arduous subject when it comes to planning your wedding decor. As a designer of both interior spaces and weddings, I am a huge advocate for the use of color. Just because your wedding dress is white, doesn’t mean your decor has to be. Wedding trends are constantly changing, and what’s obvious is that traditional wedding whites aren’t for all of our contemporary couples. The use of color, whether dramatic or more refined, is a great way of expressing your personality and making your big day uniquely yours. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to introduce to you each week some color palettes you may have never imagined for your own wedding, or show you a new way to execute ones you already had, and hopefully inspire you to create your own wedding masterpiece. This week: Pale blue and red. What’s so great about this palette is that it’s easy to achieve stunning results without being too in-your-face, and it looks fabulous no matter the season you’re planning your big day. During the winter, pair your pale blues with deep cranberry reds to create a sense of warmth. In the summer, accentuate your decor with cherry red for bright bursts of fun color. Consider adding darker tones to add more depth to your palette; deeper tones of red and purple in small amounts compliment this color scheme gorgeously. Add some seasonal berries to your dessert table, or wear a deep shade of lipstick with your pale accessories.

Inspiration this week comes from ‘Something Blue.’ Share with us your own dream color palette from your wedding or inspiration boards. Until next week,


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