Let’s face it. Using bold color as a design tool isn’t for everyone. Using classic bridal whites is still a gorgeous and timeless way to design your wedding, but it’s important to remember how to use them without coming across as too one dimensional and yes, I’ll say it, boring. There are a few ways that go hand in hand to create visual interest that use little color but still read as exciting; using varying sizes to create contrast, using texture to add depth. And my personal favorite: using pattern. Pattern simply means repetition, and whether that is represented as a print or repeated decorative elements is up to you. For example, when creating a flower curtain as your ceremony backdrop think about the types of flowers being used. Incorporating the same flowers into your center pieces and bouquet would be creating a pattern that is carried throughout your decor and brings the wedding together into a cohesive theme. We can also use pattern to highlight a particular item to make it stand out from the rest of the wedding decor, while still being part of a theme. This we would achieve often by using fabrics. Picture a gorgeous white wedding dress with lace overlay that creates pattern contrasted against the bride’s skin, or beautiful transparent draperies freckled with lights as a ceremony backdrop. The way pattern is used can be totally different from wedding to wedding but it is an important part of the design process.

Check out our inspiration this week and be sure to share your wedding patterns with us!

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