Well, we are only half way through May, but wedding season is here in full force!!!  Having just rocked out 3 gorgeous weddings this month, the girls and I are loving all that this season has been dishing out, and can't wait for the next 5 months!  And while a busy wedding season is basically what I live and breath for, the down side of that, is a loss of balance.  Too many times throughout the Spring & Summer, does the laundry stack up to the point of no more clean clothes, the house is overtaken with decor from countless weddings (god bless my husband for putting up with living amongst the likes of linens, paper goods, and countless craft projects for half the year!), and going for a run is a long distant memory.  

So, seeing as this is an issue that I bet ALL wedding vendors can relate to, I thought I would take a few moments, and write about how important it is, no matter what, to make sure that we carve out some time for ourselves every now and then.  Whether it's enjoying that big cup of coffee each morning before tackling the inbox, pouring yourself a glass of wine after an especially long day, or meeting a friend for a walk after a wedding weekend, these small breaks that we can give ourselves are SO important.  Now believe me, I am in no way pretending like this is something I am very good at, but this year (as with every year), I am making it my resolution to find the balance.  Who's with me!