Hi everyone!  Emma here, back for another instalment of design talk.  This month at French Kiss we’re so excited to shift our focus to the men that love and support us. We’ve all seen the movies that portray the Groom as apathetic; letting the bride drown in the planning responsibilities, with little to no input on what should be the best day of their lives. Gone are the days of the passive Groom who has a very small wedding checklist; including a rented tux and hair cut a few days before. Our modern men have taste and personality. The role of the groom isn’t quite so easy to pull off:  the cut of the tux needs to be chosen correctly, and accessorized accordingly. Coordinating your groomsmen is an equally weighted task to that of picking out bridesmaids dresses. And of course, the wedding style needs to reflect what the couple loves together, and not just the Bride and her mother. For the month of January I'd like to dedicate my design posts to our dapper other halves. 

This weeks inspiration board is all about Groom style. The common misconception is that men can throw on a suite and look like Daniel Craig (wouldn't that be nice!). There is so much that goes into buying the perfect suit or tux for your big day, and many ways you can achieve the perfect look. It’s so exciting to see Grooms, just like their female counter parts incorporating larger amounts of colour and a wider range of materials into their wedding style. Of course the classic black tux is still, and always will be in style. Whats changed is the modern fit, and the way you accessorize. Accessories should be few in number but adding a few standout pieces like custom cufflinks, ties and watches will leave you looking like the ever dapper Don Draper. Or yes, James Bond himself. The best advice you will hear regarding your day-of attire? Shop early to explore all colours and cuts that may be just the right fit for you. Your Bride-to-be won’t be the only one turning heads. 

- Emma