Hey Guys! It’s Emma, back for this month’s second instalment of our groom inspired posts. This week: Cocktail edition. There’s so much personality in a signature wedding cocktail that amplifies the atmosphere of your celebration. Whether it was the drink you ordered on your first date, or your favourite mix that you and your significant other love to share, serving up a unique cocktail to your guests invites them to a one of a kind experience. It’s not only what you serve, but how you serve it! 

A signature cocktail can be elevated by the finishing touches. Pour into a personalized tumbler, or step up your garnish game. Check out the inspiration board for a stunning idea of a light sprig of rosemary as garnish. Are the drinks self serve at your event? Try choosing a fun container to present them in: fill a bathtub or canoe with ice, or collect some antique decanters for a display. Another great idea that’s popular with our grooms is including a whiskey bar. Make sure to incorporate some signage that describes the available whiskeys so your less experienced guests will know what they’re getting into. Let’s raise our glasses to celebrating our milestones in style!