Hello everyone! It’s Emma, back to deliver some weekly wedding inspiration. The BEST part about planning a wedding is being able to take the things that the couple holds close to their hearts and showcase it for all their friends and family to enjoy. Often the process lends itself to a deeper story of how they fell in love, and the things they cherish about each other. I assure you there is not a more satisfying career than being a part of that, and it’s our job to make sure the story is told in the most amazing way possible. If you’ve been keeping up with us, you know that we’ve been celebrating grooms all month long. It’s really had us thinking about the stories that grooms want to share on their wedding day about the things that make them happiest. Introducing…(drum roll please!) The wedding man cave! 

Creating a space for the groom to kick back and enjoy his big day with his loved ones is actually an incredibly easy thing to do (and super fun). First: Decor is key. The internet is a treasure trove of awesome ideas for DIY man-caving. Most of the projects are simple for even the most hesitant of handy men. Take a look at the inspiration board for some links to some amazingly easy (and impressive!) projects that will be a huge hit at your wedding. Second: Fill it up with manly things. Whether your thing is Star Wars, whiskey or sports, make sure your personality shines through your man cave activities. Consider renting some comfy lounge furniture that you and your groomsmen can share a drink in at the end of the night; it will be one you surely won’t forget.

- Emma

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