Happy February folks! It’s Emma, back this month to celebrate Valentines day! No matter what point you are in your relationship; dating, newlyweds, or seasoned veterans of the married life, it’s important to take time out of your busy schedule to show your significant other how much you love them. This week instead of putting together a design inspiration board for you I wanted to give some date inspiration instead. For many of us, we wish we could shower the love of our lives with anything and everything they could ever want, to show our appreciation for sticking with us through thick and thin. The reality is that most times, between our families and everything else in our lives, it’s hard to fit gifts and gestures in the budget. That’s why this week’s date ideas are centred around things that can be done on any budget. 

First up (and the most simple by far): make or buy your beloved a valentine as a memento of the date. I know, I know. This idea seems so pedestrian in the grand scheme of the day, but trust me. If you put some heart and soul into making something personal, or writing a loving message (not just ‘I love you’!), when you pull the card out again sometime between March and next Christmas it will give you the warm and fuzzies all over again. And of course, no Valentines day is complete without some sort of romantic meal with your partner. Make them breakfast in bed, or plan an indoor picnic. If you're lucky enough to live in a climate that permits some outdoor stargazing, even better!  Don’t worry about getting dressed up and dropping a small fortune on your shared spread if that’s not your scene. Get in the kitchen together and create something both of you will enjoy, bonus points if your try something new! And last but not least, my favourite date idea; a grown-up sized blanket fort. Who says forts are just for kids? Grab some champagne, pillows and tunes and spend the day and do nothing but spend time with each other. Happy Valentines day everyone! Make the most of it!