Happy #weddingwednesday lovelies! This week for Emma’s Design Corner I wanted to share some place setting inspiration. As an interior designer I got way too excited about this post and simply couldn’t narrow my choices down to one particular style, so this week I have not one but TWO dazzling inspiration boards for you. There are SO many incredible design decisions to be made at your dining table whether you’re going for a colourful or natural statement. Make sure to check out both boards and let us know what your favourite tablescape consists of. 

Deciding on your place setting truly relies on function; what are you serving for dinner? what style of serving does this require? It also depends on finding a balance between the general table decor and the individual place settings. This means a balance of color, weight of decor choices as well as density, and heights. Because we often picture our individual place settings at a sitting view, we don’t really think about the overall look of the dining room as a whole. Varying heights of table decor are imperative to achieving a balanced look. If everything on your table is too short it will appear bare and two-dimensional. Too tall and it will appear too robust and make guest interaction difficult. Picture stepping back to survey the room once the place settings have been put together. What would look natural to you? How full are the dining tables? Though the wonderful world of the internet is chalk full of gorgeous ideas, remember that not everything will fit on the table (especially depending on the amount of guests seated there), or for that matter pair well together. And forget boring escort cards to show your guests where their seats are; spice up your seating area with some florals, fruits and veg or a striking splash of color on your menu. I remember one gorgeous wedding we did that included lavender with every setting. It was simple but stunning, and the entire room smelled amazing. Also, If you're lucky enough to have a venue that provides something other than banquet tables, take advantage of beautiful wooden backdrop for your table decor. Linens aren’t a necessity, and table runners can act as a focal point to pull all of your decor together. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to make bold choices!

                                                                                    -xoxo Emma