Hello everyone! This month I’m so excited to share some gorgeous wedding ceremony design inspiration with you. I find that the backdrop to a ceremony can be the most imaginative part of a wedding. Whether you include over-the-top florals, eye catching lights, or unique DIY elements, the backdrop is such a direct representation of the personality of our brides and grooms. And of course, the setting for some of the best photos to come from your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your setup; use your surroundings, and include interesting colors and decor. Nothing is out of the question as long as you remember that balance is important. For example, if you decide on a strong geometric theme in your overall wedding decor, try to pair it with some solid colors and fabrics to make it pop without being too heavy. 

This week I chose a pink ombre ceremony inspiration that would look stunning in a peachy scheme. Check out the ‘how-to’ board and make sure to let us know what you think! Whats your dream ceremony backdrop?


Get the lighter look: