This week for our ceremony style inspiration I am so excited to talk about a concept usually quite foreign to weddings; a dark color palette. Depending on where your wedding is being held and the time of year (the summer months for most of us!) it’s fun to break out some bright and bold color. But for those of us wanting to delve into something a little more atmospheric and romantic, turning down the lights is a great way to do so. Picture eating at your favourite restaurant. Often times the lights are dim, tables are punctuated with glowing candles, and the room seems hushed and intimate. What a gorgeous way to influence your ceremony.  Consider atmospheric lighting like lanterns or strung Edison bulbs. Use dark and tangible materials like black chiavari chairs and drapery for the ceremony. Light your pathway down the aisle with some beautiful glowing floating candles. As creatures of habit we’re so used to wanting to create a well lit space, to use light to highlight our favourite or most used parts of a room. Sometimes, it can be the overall lack and sparsity of lighting that can be used to create an absolutely stunning impression.


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