Hello all! The weather around here is starting to feel pretty springy! It’s put me in the mood to share a spring inspired colour palette: Lavender and lemon. Not only is it one of my favourite flavour combos (if you’re in Victoria, make sure you order a lavender lemonade from Picnic. I promise you won’t be disappointed!) but it’s also a beautiful complementary pastel palette. The key to a complementary colour scheme is finding balance. The reason we love these these colour combinations is something that most of us don’t pick up on consciously; they have the most impact when placed next to their opposing colour in the spectrum. Using pastels rather than demanding hues will achieve a softer, more romantic atmosphere rather than looking a gala for the Lakers. Don’t go too heavy in one direction or the other and the space will feel harmonious. This is something that guests may not notice if done correctly, but will definitely pick up on even if only subconsciously if there is too much of one colour in the room. I’m also obsessed with the idea of patterned bridesmaids dresses that command some attention with a subdued colour palette and will make your bridal party look amazing standing at the altar. I included an adorable example from Wanelo in this week’s inspiration board, make sure you check it out and let us know what you think! 


From top left: IMAGE 1, IMAGE 2, IMAGE 3, IMAGE 4, IMAGE 5, IMAGE 6