Happy Monday everyone! This week’s inspiration board was inspired by this gorgeous photo of a macrame backdrop. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the setting, and wanted to share why I think this makes the perfect statement for a ceremony. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of texture. Anything that you can feel without actually touching is so significant. It ignites the senses and draws us into it, forming a relationship and feelings without even realizing it. The intricacy of the macrame is another one of those beautiful arts that, while it may go in and out of fashion (one of my peers made sure to mention that it reminded her of her mothers house in the 70s) it can be easily updated with color and use. I love the idea of paring down the colors to neutrals and complementing it with the natural beauty of nature, hung from surrounding trees and punctuated with colourful flowers. For an evening ceremony I especially love the idea of adding hung candles to add that extra dash of romance to the scene.


Get the look: