Last Sunday was the 4th bi-annual Victoria Wedding Industry Meetup, and what a lovely day it was!  Set at DeVine Vineyards, we enjoyed many a glasses of wine, great food, relaxing music, lots of fun, and all while soaking up the incredible view!! (Seriously...if you haven't had a chance to check out this place, do it now!!)  Planning these Meetups, along with Jesse Holland Photography, is always one of my favourite things to do each year, as what is more fun than planning a party for your fellow industry mates?!! And getting to really relax and catch up with lots of new & old friends, is really what it's all about! 

This Springs event was a huge success, and would definitely have not been possible without some incredibly talented people.  And if you're interested in seeing what a party thrown by wedding vendors for wedding vendors, looks like, make sure to check out Jesse Holland's photos below! A special thanks to: 

Castro Boateng 
DeVine Vineyards
Ruth & Dean
Bash Specialty
Tuktu Paper Co.
Trend Decor
Four Frames Photobooth
Geoffrey Lundstrom
Verbena Floral Design
Scene About Town