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Valentines Day: Gift Boxes

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Valentines Day: Gift Boxes

We are less than 2 weeks away from Valentines Day, and if you are anything like me, you'll be thinking "who cares"...."it's overrated"...  Honestly, my idea of the perfect Feb 14th is a night spent with lots of takeout and sitting on the couch watching Netflix with the hubby.  BUT...over the holidays, I was on the receiving end of some incredibly thoughtful gift boxes, and I fell head over heels in love with them!  I know that Gift Boxes aren't a new concept, but the most recent surge in popularity of locally inspired boxes has me completely obsessed!  Supporting local companies while treating someone you love?  Yes please!  Some of my favourite peeps have been putting together some incredibly thoughtful boxes, and they are definitely inspiring me to up my Valentines Day game this year.  Here are a few of our fav's, and if you don't live in Victoria, I highly encourage you to source some local ones from your home town! 

Tara McHugh: Valentines Gift Box
+ free local delivery for FKE readers (use code LOVE)

Perfect for:
Your bestie who always looks like her clothes and house belong in an instagram pic, and you love her for it. 

Why we love it: 
Does it get more fem or lovely than this? And every purchase supports creative entrepreneurs, small business and big dreamers.

The Goods: 
Watercolor tea towel by artist Lindsay Remple
 Lavender scented heart soap by
Sweet Pure Honey
Hand poured FLORA Woodlot candle
Dried bundle of white statice flowers

Thorn & Thistle: Sweetheart Box

Perfect for
That special someone in your life who you want to completely spoil and maybe spend some "alone" time with...*wink wink* 

Why we love it: 
All of the products are organic, and it's the perfect combination of sexy & sweet. (hands up to those who get that reference!)

The Goods: 
A seasonal bouquet
Kismet Pink Himalayan Salt Soak with rose petals
Province Apothecary Sex Oil
Karameller Candies
Lux et Terra Beeswax Candle



Vancouver Island Gift Baskets: Breakfast Nook

Perfect for: 
Your foodie friend, who spends more time at local coffee shops than bars, and appreciates the stillness of mornings. 

Why we love it: 
Because the caloric count is significantly lower than a chocolate themed gift, and who doesn't love coffee?

The Goods: 
Fernwood Coffee & Galiano Coffee Roasting Co.
Babe's Clover Honey
Denman Island Espresso Chunk Chocolate Bar
Silk Road Tea, Anteeo Tea & 
RockCoast Sea Salt Toffee Bark, Smoked Canadian Sea Salt &
Saltspring Kitchen Co. Jam

Tara McHugh: Valentines Mini Box
+ free local delivery for FKE readers (use code LOVE)

Perfect for:
That friend that deserves a little pick me up just because. 

Why we love it: 
You can't beat the price point, and it is freakin' adorable!

The Goods: 
Wild Hill Botanical's Northwest Forest Soak bath mix
Handcrafted Lavender scented soap by Sweet Pure Honey
Tara McHugh Flora signature tin of Earl grey leafy tea

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