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Cocktail Hour with Cahoots


Cocktail Hour with Cahoots

We were so excited when Cahoots reached out to us blah blah

I don't know about you guys, but I love a good cocktail. Nick & I have been serious cocktail lovers for years now, and even ensured that at our own wedding, the cocktails got as much attention as the rest of the decor (proof: here).  So when Cahoots, a "small-batch" simple syrup company based out of Vancouver, got in touch with us, we jumped at the chance to try out their products!  

I love that all of their syrups can be used to instantly elevate a drink, and when used while hosting (either at your home or large scale event), help to avoid all the mess & extra work that is normally involved when mixing drinks. Their site has a ton of fun cocktail recipes, with some of my favourite being the Lavender Gin Sour and the Aged Rum Old Fashioned.

One of the recipes that they sent over to us was the Cahoots Lavender Mojito.  Nothing sounded more refreshing, and so we did the tough task of trying it out....tough day at the office, right?! lol!  And I swear I'm not lying when I say that for this particular round, the drinks were made sans liquor.

Cahoots Lavender Mojito

2oz White Rum
3/4oz Cahoots Lavender
Half Lemon
Handful of Mint
Crushed Ice

Slice lemon into quarters and muddle in a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients with a small handful of crushed ice and shake gently just to incorporate. Pour ingredients into a double highball glass, fill with crushed ice, top with soda and garnish with a mint bouquet and/or lavender flower.

The cocktail itself was incredibly easy to make!  The Lavender Simple Syrup added a lovely light sweetness to the drink, and I completely devoured it (#noregrets).  Such a great way to elevate the average Mojito, and definitely a drink that we will be making regularly around here!  

So often at weddings, couples chose to offer signature drinks, and I honestly love how easy these syrups make that (and the bottles would definitely elevate the styling of the bar! lol!).  Thank you so much Cahoots, for introducing us to your products, and we highly recommend hoping over to their site to see where you can buy some yourself.